Women of Achievement – Female Founder Inspiration!

I was honoured to be nominated as an Inspiring Female Founder through Women of Achievement with Kylie Bartlett. Below is the post from the Women of Achievement instagram page!

“The glorious female founder inspiration keeps on coming in. Tonight the spotlight on the Women of Achievement – with Kylie Bartlett page is the talented, Kristin Martin founder of Kristin Martin Makeup Artist and president of the 2017 Townsville Fashion Festival. An event showcasing just how much talent we have in Townsville. An event coming up very soon! Check out Kristin’s founder story below and her creative work across her social media channels. One word comes to mind – WOW!

My journey to become a freelance makeup artist came from the happiness and freedom I found in being creative and the ability to lift someone’s confidence with conversation and makeup.

I find listening to my clients and getting to know them really gives me an insight on what they are looking for in their makeup application. For some regular makeup wearers, being seen without makeup at the start of their booking is daunting, to which I don’t take lightly and feel privileged to do so. For others who don’t wear makeup regularly or maybe unsure how to use it so don’t, may find booking in and having makeup applied overwhelming or sometimes nerve wracking to book in a one on one lesson, to which I am quick to calm their nerves talking through each step of the way so they feel comfortable. For those who don’t wear makeup regularly however have a makeup stash as big as mine and know exactly what they want, usually have pictures, products and application techniques they prefer to be used, to which I thoroughly enjoy the challenge all while giving my professional recommendations too.

These are the types of clients I meet through my range of makeup services from special events, graduations, weddings and corporate profiles to high fashion photoshoots, beauty pageants, media campaigns and television commercials. It is this reason that I have stayed a freelance makeup artist travelling across the east coast of Australia letting makeup take me to different creative spaces all while keeping my home base in Townsville inviting clientele into my home studio for a personalized service. I love what makeup has given me and what it can give others, a little bit of confidence to take on the world!”

Women of Achievement Post